Saturday, October 28, 2006

Back to Blogging

I stopped blogging for a while (not that many people noticed). I used to blog under the name "Arch Creek", which has since been taken over (robotically, I suspect) by a gambling site. Ultimately they're the losers -- as you may know, President Bush recently banned internet gambling in the U.S. Meanwhile I'm back with the Arch Creek Blues.

("Arch Creek" is an old name for North Miami, where I live. The building I live in borders the geographical Arch Creek, which feeds into the Intracoastal Waterway. I guess the panoramic view of Miami Beach and the Intracoastal makes up for the recent 100% increase in our condo insurance, which upped the unit's monthly maintenance by 20%.)

Much has happened since I last blogged. B. was in the hospital for over a week at the beginning of July, being detoxed and rehabbed for a Xanax addiction. This drug is difficult (and dangerous) to get off of. Unbeknownst to his doctor, B. tried to quit cold-turkey and ended up having convulsions. I called 911 while he was having a seizure here at home, and the paramedics took him to the nearest hospital emergency room. The next day he was admitted at another hospital for treatment. (He also had a severely lacerated tongue, along with a bad bump on his forehead from hitting the tile floor here, both of which had healed nicely by the time he left the rehab.)

On a happier note, over Labor Day we spent a relaxing week in San Francisco and saw a lot of sights we didn't get to see last year. We also took a guided bus tour of Monterey and Carmel, with beautiful Pebble Beach nestled in between.


southbeachbum said...

I had a very good friend who had the same problem. She was eating them like M&M's, ran out while she was on vacation and wound up in the hospital with a dislocated shoulder after convulsing. I know she was taking A LOT. I've got a prescription for them as well and they seem to have helped me. I take between .5 and 2 mg every night. It's been a few years now and sometimes just the .5 is enough for a good night's sleep. Sometimes I need a little more. Just out of curiosity (and you don't have to post it publicly), how much was your friend taking and for how long. I've considered going off of them, but only under doctor supervision. My MD seems to think even 2 mg a day is a fairly low dose. I don't have a clue what is considered a lot. I weigh about 180 pounds, if that makes any difference. (Sorry for the long comment, but I am truly interested for my own sake).

jj said...

I'll get back with you on that one. Don't know how much but I can find out.

jj said...

P.S. Thanks for writing!