Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Quiet Night (Continued)

(Eating some of that sauerbraten right now, cold. And finishing off the ginger snaps.)

Since I moved in here over 4 years ago, I'd never had a trick-or-treater knock on my door. (The first year, I bought candy.) Last night I had a bunch of them but no candy, so I put ginger snaps in plastic bags and handed them out. Plus B. had a few snack cakes lying around.

Back to the other topic. Nowadays the Republicans will do anything -- anything, no matter how vile and depraved -- to win elections and hold power. It's all about winning -- and playing a dirty game. Since most Americans are basically Democratic in their thinking, the only way Republicans can win is by spreading lies and distortions about the opposition, lying about their own agenda (since the voters otherwise wouldn't approve, e.g., starting needless wars and privatizing everything to enrich themselves and their cronies to the detriment and at the expense of the public), scaring the voters, and subverting the democratic process by tampering with elections. (And of course the Supreme Court helped in one instance.)

As much as today's Republicans lack in principles and scruples, they also lack in ideas. And the mantle of morality in which they cloak themselves is but a thin veil for the hatred and hypocrisy that in essence define them. I just hope the voters will stop being fooled. And we've got to get rid of those paperless voting machines, too.

Time to chill.


vicpier3 said...

Seems there has been mixed results in the South Florida Trick or Treat [TOT] observance.

I would not know how many I would have had, as I made a point to be away for the evening, however, a good friend of mine, GF, has been getting a decreasing number for the last 13 years and didn't have a single one this year. He lives in a gated community and much to pasts TOT's delite, gives out full-sized candy bars.

Last year, even in the aftermath of Wilma, he had TOTs, even if it was only a few.

I believe that in coming years, this form of Halloween fun will be replaced by the ever growing and safe Halloween party.

jj said...

Well, the TOTers took me by surprise but I'll be prepared next year. I've heard about those Halloween parties but this is a very safe building in which to TOT. I don't know about you, but if I were a kid, I'd much rather go TOTing than to a dumb ol' party.