Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Healthcare Outrage

I just forked over a $50 insurance copay for 32 mcg of Rhinocort Aqua nose spray (120 metered sprays)! (It's made by AstraZeneca of Wilmington, Delaware.) I was at the doctor's today and he thought he had a free sample to give me, but he'd run out. I had a sinus infection a while back and my sinuses were starting to hurt again. I'm supposedly one of the lucky ones who has health insurance through his employer. What's the point if I still have to pay $50 for a tablespoon of nose spray?!

I asked the doctor whether he'd seen "Sicko" yet and he said he hadn't. He said he was afraid it would make him angry. He thinks healthcare should be taken away from the insurance companies. He should know. He said that since he began practicing medicine, the insurance companies have become greedier and greedier. He said that vis-a-vis his own practice, the insurance companies now (as opposed to then) acknowledge certain treatments as being medically necessary but nonetheless refuse to cover them. (Yes, the movie will make him angry.)

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