Saturday, July 07, 2007

Saturday Afternoon

Lots of talk about "Sicko." From a post--"Health Insurance Companies React to Sicko"--by Mary at The Left Coaster:

Bottom-line for progressives: now is the time to change a system that is deeply compromised by greed and waste, by realizing that insurance companies can't make a profit if they cover sick people, and the fact that our country made a bad choice thinking that an employer-based health care insurance could be an effective replacement for universal health care. Ask your congressmember to sponsor HR 676 (Medicare for all). It can be simple, cheap and effective. Seems like an idea that is waiting to happen.

The post links to a Blue Cross memo posted at Michael Moore's website. Michael Moore's take on the memo here. More on HR 676 here. We plan on seeing "Sicko" soon. It's playing at two places close-by.

The scare tactics begin at the New York Times. The writer worked at the right-wing Heritage Foundation?

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