Monday, October 01, 2007

Sunday Night

Today I ate the Bœuf Bourguignon, all day long. It tasted better and better (no surprise, as these dishes usually do the longer they sit in the fridge--up to a point, of course). All it needed was little more salt and pepper. I also transferred it into containers for me to take to work tomorrow (to which B. wholeheartedly agreed). I can save a lot of money on lunches that way. Normally I order food from the restaurants downtown that deliver, and am a fairly generous tipper to the delivery people.

The Fall season's first episode of Desperate Housewives was a treat. I'd missed watching that show. I taped tonight's episode while I was doing laundry and other chores. B. and I watched it when he got home from work. I "Cackled" [i.e., with a capital C] most of the way through it. (I wonder if Hillary did.)

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