Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday Night

Had a good weekend (wasn't on call--always good). I did make a load of goulash, plus the meatloaf. The goulash turned out great. It's very similar to that shown in the video (below), but I made a much larger batch, with 3 1/2 lbs. bottom round (I carved up a whole roast into cubes).

As for politics, I'm so glad George Bush's administration is winding down and the Democrats are on the ascendant. I heave a huge sigh of relief. I'm just worried about what this administration plans to do in Iran--go out with a bang? (It would be just another mistake by this bungling administration that's so out of touch with the American people. Ideological (vs. realistic) thinking doesn't serve this or any other country well. You'd think we'd have learned that.) I hope we've all learned, by having this essentially illegitimate presidency, that [TO BE CONTINUED--my brain is crashing. I'm tired.].

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