Sunday, February 24, 2008

Connectivity problems

Yesterday morning my internet was out and so the Vonage phone wasn't working. I tried calling AT&T on the cell phone, but it was out. (It was supposed to be reactivated over a week ago--a long, and sad, story.) So I got cleaned up and walked over to the Sprint Store across the street, where I got the phone. Sure enough, it hadn't been reactivated, so they put that in motion and said the phone would be operational in two hours.

I walked down to Flanigan's for an early lunch and shortly afterward was able to call AT&T on the cell phone. They got me back up on the Internet (I know how to do that now, as long as the DSL is working). (I had to do it again this morning!) I also got the Vonage phone back up.

Then last night, the DSL went down. I called AT&T and was on hold the longest time before the cell phone lost the call. So I decided just to wait until the morning to see what the status was. Sure enough, when I got up this morning, the DSL was back up. What a piece of crap. I'll again look into whether Verizon is offering high-speed Internet access in my neighborhood. According to Consumer Reports, it's among the best services in the country. The last time I looked into getting it, however, it wasn't being offered in this area. [Odd--the spell checker is working again.]

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