Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Massive power outage in Miami today

I was at work when the power went out. That's only the second time that's happened in all the years I've been working. (Power goes out during hurricanes but most people are home during hurricanes.) Fortunately I don't work that high up in the building (I work downtown). They had emergency lighting and emergency elevator service in the building. I wanted to get out of the office and took the stairs 15 flights down to the lobby (some people were walking up). I sat outside on a bench with some of my fellow employees. (When the power went out in my office building years ago, I walked down 28 flights of stairs and was sore the next day.)

The power was out for more than an hour (I'll try to find a story). By the time it came back on, TPTB in our office had told the employees they could go home (apparently no one knew exactly when the power would be restored). (I talked to the Administrator several minutes before the power came back on--he'd gone outside, too.) I then decided to head back upstairs in one of the emergency elevators and as I stood (briefly) in the elevator lobby, the power came back on. I then rode the elevator upstairs to get my roller case, wrote an email, and went home.

Needless to say, I wasn't able to gather any ideas for today's blog.

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