Thursday, February 21, 2008

A few of the readers' comments on the Miami article from Salon

Not Exiles

First, the Cubans who came here in 1959-60 are not and never were 'exiles'. No one forced them to leave Cuba, they left of their own accord. To be more precise, they are emigres. Second, not a single person came here in 1959-60 seeking freedom. There was no freedom in Cuba before Castro. The people who came here were the dictatorship, the murderers and torturers of the dictatorship, and the professional and other scum who used the dictatorship to profiteer on the backs of Cuban peasants.

The Cuban people certainly didn't deserve Castro, but they were well served by getting rid of the garbage who profiteered from the Bautista dictatorship. The emigres will also soon discover that actual Cubans don't want the fascists back.

-- Portlander


Cuban Democrats

Everytime I read an article about Miami Cubans on a progressive web site or newspaper I cringe. You never get it right. By the way, neither do conservatives. First, you never get the nuances of Cuban-American politics right. For the record, Joe Garcia and Raul Martinez are highly regarded Cuban-American Democrats. Some of our most popular local politicians are Democrats. In fact, fully one-third of Cuban-Americans consider themselves Democrats. This number is growing by leaps and bounds. Second, you always try to make us more volatile than we really are. For the record, Castro's resignation was met with one huge, collective yawn in Miami and was NOT vocal in the least as was suggested by this article. You may have wanted that to be so but it was certainly not the case. So stop projecting your prejudices onto us.

Now, to Portlander, people like you always ASSUME that Cuban "exiles" or whatever you want to call us were all thick as thieves with the Batista regime, when that is generally not the case. There are many more people in Miami who sided with Fidel and got burned than Batistianos. If you had bothered to research a little bit more about us before painting us all with the same brush, you would know this. Maybe this will prompt you to do some actual research and maybe meet some real live Cuban-Americans. Who knows? Some of the Cuban-Americans you meet may even be Democrats.

-- latinchunk



My experience with Cuban-Americans is quite different. I was a professional actor for a period in my life, and Miami was a frequent tour destination. Three altercations with Omega 7 and one with some real nasties that called themselves Victory 61 (got myself a nice gunshot wound out of that one) plus many conversations with Cuban Americans convinced me that fascism is alive and very well in South Florida. I've done the research and met the people, both here and in Cuba, and my statement that no one came here in 1959-60 for freedom stands.

-- Portlander


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