Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Another Bad Movie We Rented (Tonight)

"My Super Ex-Girlfriend." What an inane screenplay. It was almost too painful to watch. I'm not a big Uma Thurman fan, but I really felt embarrassed for her.

Whenever I watch this kind of crap, it always inspires me to get back to work on my own creative stuff. I've written a few novels and am in the process of buffing them up. Now that the holidays are over (that last month of the year is always a killer), I think it's time to revisit "The Homosexual Agenda; A Fantasy."

Tonight while B. and I were out renting movies and running other errands, we heard Mike Malloy on the radio (WINZ 940 AM) mentioning that he was back on the air in Miami. He also thanked his Miami listeners for their enthusiastic emails upon his return to the air. Mike Malloy is as straight as an arrow but has always stood up for gays against the Republican Party's campaign to persecute them for political gain.

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