Sunday, January 14, 2007

DSL is Down (Bummer)

Early Sunday a.m. (offline)

DSL connection is down (light is blinking on the modem). It went down while I was reading the NYT Sunday headlines. Called India (as instructed by Wizard) but their trouble-shooting was getting rather too involved and I was getting tired. Will call again tomorrow if it's still not working. It's getting late and I've gotta go to bed.

Had a weird call today from a lady who said she (or her son) was getting calls (hang-up calls?) from my telephone number. She specifically mentioned a call from this number at 12:20 p.m. today (Saturday, actually), before either B. or I had gotten out of bed. I told her it wasn't me and hung up. Maybe she had the telephone company put a monitor on my line, and that's why the DSL isn't working. I'm such a paranoid. Maybe it's George Bush's doing, with all the domestic spying going on (and increasing).

This isn't the first time the DSL has malfunctioned like this. I'm just hoping it'll be OK in the morning. (Getting the DSL set up here at the beginning took about a month! As I recall, it was a problem with their line.)

[Later Sunday: DSL working again!]

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