Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Decided to Put Something in My Profile (see "About Me" at Right)

Not a whole lot about me but that's enough for now.

I'm about ready to get back to the novel publishing business, which would mean doing less of this. I figure that's OK, since not many people read this anyway. It's not like I would have to hire a guest blogger while I was off tending to the other stuff, right?

I do this because I enjoy it and I think it help keeps me in practice. I never liked writing in diaries, but this is fun. (I kept a diary once and my brother would go to great lengths to snoop in it.) Besides, my life is not that interesting that I feel compelled to write about it on a daily basis. Here I like to share other people's insightful observations and then perhaps put my own two cents in.

P.S. I would think the Blogger spell checker would contain the word "blogger" but it doesn't.

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