Saturday, January 06, 2007


Cats on the bed. They really don't like each other that much so I had to get this shot.

Had a full week. Glad it's over! Was rough on B. and I felt the pain.

Back to the gym tonight. My attendance had been spotty during the holidays. I'm exhausted but that's good. I sleep better and generally feel better when I go. Maybe I'll even try to get back on the bicycle. The bike trails around here are fantastic (FIU, Enchanted Forest, Arch Creek Park (which ends up at the Dairy Queen)).

Got some new glasses yesterday, rimless ones (progressive bifocals, of course). Took me a day to get used to them. Now I love them. I was happy with the Armani glasses B. bought me 2 years ago but my eyesight had further deteriorated. I had money left over in my flex spending account which helped cover the cost.

Today a piece of furniture arrived unassembled in a box, a cabinet for the kitchen. I'll put it together tomorrow. (I figure it'll take me 1 1/2 to 2 hours. My screwdriver/drill is charging as we speak.) It's got loads of storage (shelves behind a glass door on one side and 3 deep drawers on the other). The microwave will go on top. Plus it's on casters. A new microwave should also be arriving soon. We currently have a big, God-knows-how-old Litton microwave that works well but doesn't have a revolving tray. I'd sworn not to get a new one till it broke, but B. humiliated me into getting us a new one. I found it through Consumer Reports Online. It's a good one and should make us happy.

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