Thursday, March 29, 2007

Arch Creek Park

This park near me is now home to the natural bridge over Arch Creek. Actually, the bridge is not that natural anymore. Years ago it collapsed due to vibration from the nearby railroad and was "re-interpreted" in gunite by an artist (now deceased) who specialized in concrete sculpture: Lewis Vandercar. Vandercar and his family lived a few blocks from my grandmother's house, north of the Omni (before there was an Omni), off Biscayne Bay. His house was surrounded by fantastic statues, which to a young child (me) came across as creepy. When my grandmother died, we moved into her house, and I attended Morningside Elementary School with Vandercar's daughter, Muggins. At some point the Vandercars moved to central Florida (Zephyrhills). More here.

The park, together with the park across the tracks from it (Elaine Gordon Enchanted Forest), is great for bike-riding, which I plan to resume in order to lose a few pounds. I'm not buying any fat clothes (except for a pair of jeans I have to buy this weekend before visiting my father next week in Homosassa).

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