Monday, March 26, 2007

"The Riches" on FX

What a bizarre show. I like farfetched stuff but this is a little too much for me. The show is not quite crafty enough to suspend my disbelief but I'll give it a couple more chances, since I like the characters, especially Minnie Driver. (The show reminds me a lot of "Big Love," which I could never wrap my head around. But the premise of that show was, at least to me, more plausible.)

The premise of "The Riches" is that a gypsy family from Louisiana has broken away from its band and attempts to live a bourgeois life among the "buffers" (non-gypsies). See here and here. See Gypsy-Traveller website here.

My eyes really began to roll when the husband, who has a seventh-grade education*, lands a job as a lawyer at a real estate development company, and the non-schooled kids get into an expensive private school. Much as I appreciate the irony, I could never see that happening. I doubt that even the cleverest of gypsies could pull off scams like that (unless, of course, they have serious Republican connections).

*He got that far in school only because he's a half-breed gypsy; full-blooded gypsies don't attend school at all.

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