Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Stephanie Miller on Larry King

Wow. I'd never seen her on TV before (nor another favorite, Ed Schultz, whom I don't get to hear anymore since his show now runs in the middle of the day). I was impressed! (I've already forgotten the names of the other two right-wing gasbags who were on with them tonight.)

Awhile back I subscribed to the Stephanie Miller Show email list, and today I got an email from Executive Producer Chris Lavoie (my first email from them, in fact) notifying me of Stephanie's appearance tonight on Larry King Live--part of her continuing "Media Whore Tour 2007." From Stephanie's shiny new website, you can subscribe to the email list or, better yet, become a premium member and download daily Stephcasts ($7.95/month or $4.95/month for a year's subscription ($59.40 total)).

Stephanie was scrappy and really stuck to her guns (as did Ed). Plus she looked great and not too whorish. I loved the shots of her seething, though in an attractive way, as the right-wing gasbags were talking.

I listen to the Stephanie Miller Show every morning on my way to work. Elaine Boosler and Merrill Markoe sub when Stephanie, Chris and "Voice Deity" Jim Ward are on vacation.

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