Friday, March 09, 2007


What's to report? Glad the work week is over. Glad Congress is delving into the firings of the federal prosecutors. Glad to see Alberto Gonzalez backing down (he could be impeached himself). Glad they're talking in the Middle East. Love the Democrats' measures to bring about a solution in Iraq. Glad Ann Coulter is losing a few markets on account of her calling John Edwards a "faggot" and thereby demeaning gay people. Love John Edwards' proposals for universal health, by the way (see Paul Krugman on that).

Fun to read about the Latin Americans' reception of George Bush. (Tonite I was driving around and listening to Mike Malloy on Air America. He said the Maya in Guatemala were going to have to purify the place after George Bush's visit, since they consider George Bush some kind of evil force for his war mongering [or words to that effect].) Glad I went to the gym tonight -- it's been a week. Not glad I'll be turning 54 in a week. Dad will be turning 85 next week; bought him a card. Pissed that we're going back to Daylight Savings Time -- it takes me a week for my body to re-adjust to that. Glad I did my shopping to make quesadillas for lunch tomorrow -- never made them before but don't seem difficult. What else? Getting tired.

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