Tuesday, April 03, 2007

"Worrisome" Hurricane Season Predicted

They got it wrong last year, so let's see what happens this year.

CBS Evening News reported from today's National Hurricane Conference in New Orleans. America's best known forecaster, Dr. Bill Gray, predicted an "active season", with a 74% chance of a major hurricane strike along the east coast, vs. 52% typically. Seventeen named storms are forecast for 2007.

Five major storms were predicted for last year while only two developed, and none hit the U.S.

Said CBS hurricane consultant Bryan Norcross: "Every weather forecaster of any kind is wrong sometimes, but I wouldn't bet against Dr.Gray."

Meanwhile, we've got our as yet untested shutters here.*


* Actually, we keep the one on our bedroom window closed to help keep the light out. It works very well for that.

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