Sunday, April 22, 2007

Even More

Our great American democracy deserves (and requires) more in a president than some querulous spoiled brat who thinks he was chosen by God to lead the country and that everything he does is therefore above criticism. I truly think that Hell was conceived with people like George Bush (and Dick Cheney) in mind. (They say the path to Hell is paved with good intentions, but in this case the path to Hell is paved with outright deceptions.)

I truly would rather have a president who uses his (or her) brain to think about the welfare of the country than one who is engaged in a constant conversation with an invisible being of disputed existence. That George Bush fashions himself to be a better leader than Winston Churchill because Churchill was an agnostic (and not a "person of faith") is, I think, almost insane. (In my opinion, having internalized conversations with invisible beings of disputed existence borders on the insane.) I'd rather have an agnostic or atheist leader any day. I expect a president's brain power to be dedicated to the country he (or she) is supposed to be leading, rather than to mythical deity.

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