Monday, April 30, 2007

Stephanie Miller on MSNBC Morning Show

Monday thru Wednesday, the gorgeous radio jockette and comedienne Stephanie Miller is sitting in the MSNBC slot vacated by Don Imus. I listened to part of the show this morning on the local Air America radio station (AM 940) and it sounded like they were getting into their usual groove, albeit recovering from some jet lag in addition to their usual hangovers*. From what I read afterward about the show (e.g., review by KOS), they did a great job. I wish I could have seen it. Tomorrow I'm going to tape it while I'm at work.

The "Stephanie Miller Show" runs from 9 to 12 EST on AM 940. Stephanie normally tapes it in LA from 6 to 9 PST, so she and the crew (Jim Ward and Chris Lavoie) have to go to bed at "stupid o'clock" and get up at "insane o'clock" (or vice versa) in California. They're taping at MSNBC live in New Jersey from 6 to 9 AM.

I don't think she's really angling to take over the MSNBC show -- she's got an already successful radio show. But if that's what she wants to do (and is offered the job), I think she'd do it swimmingly and be a great addition to TV. (She's done TV before, so she's no amateur.) Plus, she'd be doing an invaluable service to a wider public--having people laugh and perhaps think at the same time.
*this is part of the shtick

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