Sunday, April 29, 2007

Thoughts on Hillary, Etc.

I don't put a lot of stock in Hillary Clinton's account of her vote to let Bush start up his Iraq war. Even I was able to gather enough information at the time to know that the Iraq war was hatched before 9/11 and was a bad idea. My own Senator at the time, Bob Graham, saw that this was a Pandora's Box and a ruse borne out of a familial grudge match Bush had against Saddam Hussein ("he tried to kill my dad"). Even Bush's dad thought it was a bad idea.

I'd vote for Hillary for president nonetheless, despite her political calculations regarding the Iraq war. I think she'd be a good president, especially when it comes to creating a national health care system (about which she knows a lot). I still think, however, John Edwards has the best ideas on that.

Presently we have a system with multiple companies driven by multiple bureaucracies, where money can be made (profit being the motive, rather than making people well) only by excluding people who really need health care. Americans need more than what the health insurance companies can afford. Get rid of all that bureaucracy and all those expensive CEOs, and give the American people the health care they need, and which most civilized countries already enjoy. Let's get with it.

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