Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I had to buy the National Enquirer to read the story. Maybe once every 10 years or so I'll buy an Enquirer, not that I have anything against reading it. (I tried to find the story on the Enquirer website, but it wasn't there.) (At check-out at the grocery store tonight, I was shocked (!) to find out the magazine now costs over $3.)

I generally like Katie Couric, and I still watch her on the CBS Evening News. I catch the Today Show briefly in the morning while I'm getting ready for work. For a while I watched Good Morning America but eventually I could no longer stomach the smarmy Diane Sawyer.

According to the April 23 Enquirer, Katie has a new boyfriend 17 years her junior (she's 50, he's 33), although she continues to "see other men, according to a friend." The new boyfriend's name is Brooks L. Perlin, a financial analyst and former triathlete. Go, Katie.

Despite those other dates, people close to Katie expect her to become engaged to Brooks. She even allows him to sleep over at the luxury apartment she shares with her two daughters, Ellie, 15, and 11-year-old Carrie.

The "boozing" incident happened in Miami, when she and Brooks were down for the Super Bowl. After the game, at which they sat "at least one seat" apart from one another so as to avoid being photographed together (at Katie's insistence, the source said), they went to a party thrown by CBS.

Katie had been boozing, and she took a limo back to the Loews Miami Beach Hotel where she was staying.

"But when she got up to her floor, she was a mess. She was crying so hard that her mascara was streaming down her face.

"She began banging on the room of another staffer, asking to be let in so she could talk.

"It turned out Katie was upset that Brooks hadn't come back to the hotel with her. They had separate rooms, but Katie had no intention of sleeping by herself.

"She claimed that Brooks had spent too much time talking to her female colleagues at the party."

After threatening to cancel his room at the hotel, Katie and Brooks apparently made up. The next day they were "seen walking around the hotel together. And now Katie is even more determined to make the relationship work," the source said.

Meanwhile at CBS Evening News, where ratings are down, Katie is drawing a younger audience and has the full confidence of the network, according to the story. I'll keep watching it myself, despite Katie's almost unforgivable interview (on 60 Minutes) with John and Elizabeth Edwards. Katie implied that Edwards was being selfish to pursue his run for president in the face of his wife's illness. Well, Katie didn't quit working when her husband had colon cancer (to which he eventually succumbed). Also, Elizabeth is gung ho about staying in the race. There's something to be said about the need to carry on a normal life even when the chips are down.

Meanwhile here at home, my cold isn't getting any better and today I could barely taste my food. I expect it to last a while.

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