Saturday, April 21, 2007


I'm glad to report that my cold is subsiding. Meanwhile, B. caught it and tonight they sent him home from the restaurant since he was sneezing. I've got us pumped up with Mucinex and Vitamin C. I also gave B. an antihistamine and decongestant and he got tired and went to bed early (for him). I'm still not in the pink but feeling much better. Also, I did go to the gym three times this week despite the cold. I'll probably go to bed early (for me) too. Right now I'm having a cocktail and, thankfully, not sneezing or blowing my nose any longer, although my nose is still very tender.

Watching "Paula's Party" (all about hot 'n' spicy). I really love Paula and her outrageous Southern drawl, but the best thing about the show is always the sex, never mind the food.

It's been a month since I sent off four query emails to literary agents regarding a writing project. I immediately received a rejection from one but haven't heard back from the other three. I figure I'll go the email route first since that makes the most sense to me. Some agents still refuse to accept email queries. I don't know why, since that's the technology we have now. Tomorrow I'll try to compose another query letter regarding a different finished project and send that off. I'll send it first to the people I already wrote to, let them know I've got more than one thing to offer.

I was never good at self-promotion (my mother even said that when I was a kid). That's why I'm looking for an agent. But it appears the agents won't even bother with you if you can't write a sizzling hot paean to your gifts. I'm trying my best, although it's not me. I'm just not an egotistical or prideful or pushy or own-horn-tooting type person. In my fiction writing, I actually get my greatest kicks out of lampooning the cocky, brazen asshole who in his overweening pride goes down (like George W. Bush.) I'm a Classicist at heart.

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