Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Kitchen Ceiling Project

I'm keeping a blog on this under my Links (at right). The project is winding down. The handyman started priming the drywall today--a little prematurely, I think. [Maybe he just wanted to get the primer on the seal the drywall; he's left his sandpaper and razor blades here until we call him back when the fan has arrived--should be soon.] There are some dings in the drywall and ragged edges around the recessed light fixtures that need to be smoothed out with some spackling. I'll tell B. when he gets home, since he's been supervising on this. This is not a cheap job and I expect it to look top-notch, down to the details. I could do the spackling and sanding myself but that's what the handyman is being paid to do. He's done a great job overall. Meanwhile everything is covered with dust and Bootsy has been sneezing like crazy for a week.

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