Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tuesday Night

I didn't get home from the doctor's appointment (scheduled for 5:40) till almost 9:00. The office was fairly packed when I got there. He was running behind. That's why I try to get the latest possible appointments, so as not to eat up my work day.

Got my Valium prescription for the upcoming dentist visit. He sympathized with me and said he also goes to the dentist "pre-medicated."

He said I've got very high "good" cholesterol, which counterbalances the bad cholesterol. My cholesterol had gone up a bit since the last blood tests, with the good cholesterol going up with the bad (he showed me a graph on the computer in the treatment room). He said, in effect, I was well armed against cholesterol-related heart problems. Was glad to hear that.

While sitting in the waiting room, I read quite a bit of Al Gore's "Assault on Reason." I think it's great, now that I got past the rather boring introduction (which I didn't think was necessary). Some choice quotes to come. Al has lots of firsthand information and intimate insights into our current political situation. He's also got a flair for the ironic (aided by the Bush administration's lack thereof).

The doctor also gave me a 3-month prescription for generic Norvasc so I can save on co-pays by getting it through my health plan. Countries that have decent health care systems do not have co-pays, according to what I've read. We're told that co-pays discourage people from abusing their insurance and getting unnecessary drugs. What if the drugs are indispensable to your survival? No, co-pays are designed to boost the profits of the health insurance companies (and the drug companies).

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