Friday, June 22, 2007

Thursday Night -- Almost TGIF

Took a nap after work. Walked to gym and picked up a few things at Publix afterward. I don't trust my truck these days. I think the battery is going out (it's a few years old already). This weekend I may get a new one.

Watched stuff on Logo tonight, including some of "Bad Girls" and the latest installment of "Queer As Folk." Then we watched the part of "Big Love" we had missed. I'd say if people around the country are watching this show, things don't bode well for Mitt Romney. With all the lying and deception (and worse) going on in that show, people are going to wonder about Mormons. We've already had enough lying and deception (and worse) under George Bush, without the added issue of illegal polygamy.

"Queer As Folk" is great. I'd never seen all the episodes since I didn't subscribe to Showtime. (A Sugars regular would tape the first year's episodes and bring them in to Sugars where they would be played on the monitors--illegal yes.) Maybe we'll just buy the whole series and watch it uncut, without ads, and with captions. I have a hard time picking up some of the dialog, esp. in the discotheque. B. insists this is a sign of age. (He is also getting older.)

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