Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Monday Night

Just cleaned my cat's ears (again). I think I'm going to let the vet do that next time. Let her hate him. She's got ear mites or mildew or something. I do this in the shower enclosure so she can't escape. She hates it and lets me know it.

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. Never like those, but prefer them to dentist's appointments. I'm going to ask the doctor to prescribe me some Valium or something to tolerate the next dentist's appointment (bondings).

I'm not going to get riled up anymore over Andrew Sullivan's blogs. Why he came to this country, I don't know. Most Europeans are content to stay in Europe, and for good reason. Europeans no longer emigrate to this country as they used to. There's no need. They've got good systems in place there (except for England's social security system, which Margaret Thatcher destroyed--see earlier post). The U.S. used to be a magnet for Europeans, but no more. Europe now is a much better place to live than before. About the only foreign people who want to live in the U.S. now are what we call "illegal immigrants." And they would probably prefer living in their native country if it weren't so poor.

Andrew thinks our health care system is hunky-dory. (He's a tool of the American pharmaceutical companies, probably getting free HIV drugs, which are exorbitantly expensive for most people in the U.S.) He likes our system of socialism for the rich. And he calls himself a "conservative."

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