Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bill Scher on the Dem debates

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Carolina Throwdown

There will likely be a lot of complaining about last night's debate brawl, but in fact it was both a relatively entertaining and substantive debate (though the media could do more to truth-squad and not be mere passive observers).

More importantly, every candidate did what they needed to do.

Clinton had to keep the pressure on Obama in hopes of keeping him down. Obama had to stand up for himself, and use the inaccurate attacks against him to make the case he could better forge a working majority. Edwards needed to try to exploit Clinton-Obama squabbling and rise above the fray.

Some might say Clinton was shrill in her attacks, but the same was said in New Hampshire, and proved irrelevant. Some might say Obama lost his cool, but as with Clinton before sometimes you need to show a little fire when your credibility is on the line.

Yet Obama is still the one with the most work to do. . . .

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