Sunday, January 20, 2008

Steve Soto has a point

[G]iven that Clinton voters will certainly support Obama in a general election if he is our nomimee, because we are focused on the real goal (which is to get control of the White House, and not to get a particular individual in the White House), why do I see so many signs in even our own comment threads that Obama voters will sit on their hands and not support Clinton, even as they claim to be liberals? And if Obama "liberals" are so willing to sit on their hands and not vote for the Democratic nominee in the general election if it is Hillary Clinton, then how is that different than being a Ralph Nader supporter in 2000, and allowing your vote to deliver the election to the GOP?

Link at The Left Coaster. Steve is on a hiatus but pops onto the blog from time to time. Read this important post, too.

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