Monday, January 21, 2008

'Thai Airways Objects to Steamy Thai Soap [Opera]'

Jan 21st, 2008 BANGKOK, Thailand -- A popular new Thai soap opera about love and infidelity in the high skies has angered Thai Airways flight attendants who demanded Monday that the show be canceled for casting their profession in an unrealistic and immoral light.

"The Air Hostess War," which broadcast its first three episodes last week, has captivated viewers with a story line about a dashing married pilot having an affair with one of his tall, slim flight attendants. There are love triangles that lead to fighting in the aisles and steamy sex scenes at stopover cities.

The Thai Airways International union issued a letter Monday urging the Culture Ministry to order the show to be pulled from the air [no pun intended?].

"This soap opera is insulting and damaging to the reputation of flight attendants," said Noppadol Thaungthong, a Thai Airways flight attendant leading the union's action. "It's all about sex and air hostesses beating each other up in the cabin because of love and jealousy. This kind of thing never happens."

The letter says that young Thais aspiring to become flight attendants might be turned off from the profession after seeing the show. . . .

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