Sunday, January 27, 2008

'Gender More Of A Hurdle Than Race In American Politics'

From Jeff Dinelli at The Left Coaster. (Read the whole thing. It's long.)

Looking ahead to February 5th's Super-Duper-Tsunami-Mega-Fat Tuesday, we should be able to look back and learn a thing or two from what's happened so far. One of those revelations is it's clear that America is ready, willing and able to elect its first African-American president. It's a wonderful development and fills all of us with an unprecedented optimism for this country's enlightenment and its future.

At the same time, however, it's abundantly evident that this same country is not necessarily ready to support the candidacy of a strong woman looking to lead from the Oval Office. The most discouraging aspect of this uncomfortable truth is the right wing hasn't floated this theme; indeed, it hasn't even had a chance to assign its formidable slime machine towards injecting some subtle sexism into the 2008 campaign. No, it's the media, the lefty netroots and even members of the Democratic Party that have led the runaway train of shoddy treatment handed to Senator Hillary Clinton. . . .

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