Sunday, January 27, 2008

My letter to Joshua Marshall on the same topic

(He doesn't accept comments on his site.) Regarding this post ("The Problem with Bill 2.0"):

I personally don't see a problem, but what you say appears to be the conventional MSM wisdom. So I guess you're mainstream now and have to worry about keeping your readership numbers up in order to support your family with your advertising revenues. It's now "he said, she said" and the "horse race" at TPM (the usual mainstream stuff) (with the conventional slant against the Clintons). (I wonder what Bob Somerby is saying about TPM, if anything. I'll have to go look.) I guess I'll have to rely on other sources for serious analysis of what the candidates actually stand for and how they propose to address the very serious ills of this country (to which you may now be immune). (My favorite for this actually is Paul Krugman.) Why don't you seriously analyze the candidates' proposals for universal health care, for example? I read TPM all the time and don't seem to get any information on this. . . .

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