Tuesday, May 13, 2008

'Chuck Todd Promoting Obama "Pledged Delegate" Victory Line'

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Chuck Todd on MSNBC moments ago:

Looking at it from Obama's perspective, we've heard about what he's going to do next Tuesday, he's talking about when he can declare victory in the pledged delegate count. He only now needs after tonight 18 more pledged delegates to get that. All he needs is 23% of the vote in Kentucky and Oregon combined.

First of all, Todd is buying into the Obama campaign's claim that the universe of pledged delegates excludes Michigan and Florida when even Howard Dean conceded a week ago that while 2025 is currently the number of total delegates needed to win, that's likely to change once the DNC Rules & Bylaws Committee meets on May 31 and seats some number of their delegations. In other words, it's a tentative threshold, as is the "18 pledged delegates to win a majority" that Todd is touting. It's completely irresponsible for him to even parrot this talking point since he's seen as such an authority on these matters but credit where credit is due, this amounts to yet another talking point victory for Team Obama. Because second of all, winning the pledged delegates is a totally made up metric. That they got Todd to parrot it is truly unbelievable.

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