Monday, May 05, 2008

'Krugman Says Obama Ad Misrepresents His Comments'

See post here. I know I've not had a lot to say and have been linking to Talk Left a lot lately, but they've been saying pretty much what I think.


Paul Krugman says an Obama ad attacking Hillary on gas tax relief misrepresents what he said.

I did not say that the Clinton proposal would increase oil industry profits. If the ad implies that I did, it should be retracted.

....I was very clear when I wrote about the Clinton proposal that while I didn’t think it was good policy, it was not the same as McCain’s, and relatively harmless. If the Obama people are suggesting otherwise, they’re being deliberately dishonest.

Krugman's original column is here. It attacks only McCain's plan which is not the same as Hillary's. . . .

Krugman adds:

Krugman adds: "Just to be clear: I don’t regard this as a major issue. It’s a one-time thing, not a matter of principle…Health care reform, on the other hand, could happen, and is very much a long-term issue — so poisoning the well by in effect running against universality, as Obama has, is a much more serious breach."

As I wrote earlier today, meet the new boss, he's the same as the ones he's trying to replace.

Will Obama pull the ad?

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