Saturday, May 03, 2008


These are native to the area and they are gorgeous. Landscape architects love them. The yellow-flowering variety was used extensively in the design of a nearby shopping center that opened a few years ago (with a Starbucks, a Ben & Jerry's and a Jamba Juice).

Last weekend I'd opined the trees were going out of their annual blooming season, but it turns out they were just entering it. I took these shots today (including one of the tree that sits in the street outside my building). (That "North Miami Beach Welcomes You" sign is something new on U.S. 1.)


The Bum said...

I just saw this post of yours. I've been taking pictures of yellow flowers all morning. They really do seem to be at their peak right now. And maybe a little more abundant than last year.

the blogger said...

Yes, I saw the beautiful pictures on your blog. Thanks for the mention.