Saturday, May 24, 2008


That's German for thunderstorm, but it can also mean gosh, golly, blimey, and holy shit!

But we need the rain. [Later I got caught in it on a walk to the store but was carrying an umbrella.]

Enjoying my long weekend so far. Today I walked down to Flanigan's (with my magazine and an umbrella) and ate Steakhouse Soup and fried fresh dolphin fingers with lemons. Then I walked up to Starbucks for a coffee, and now I just returned from Jamba Juice, where I had a Peach Perfection smoothie with a blast of protein powder. A charming shopping center across the street houses these shops (among others), and there's ample outdoor seating at bistro and umbrella tables. It's kind of cruisy. But the panhandlers have staked it out, too. Such an idyllic setting in which to sit and read and sip your coffee or smoothie, and then up walks a bum asking for money or a cigarette and spoils the mood. It's kind of like San Francisco, but the bums are cuter there (and more aggressive as well).

I think I'll try to get some writing done. My cousin sent me some Caribou coffee--supposed to be the best--though I haven't opened it yet. I'll open it now and brew a little pot.

[Coffee was great and got some writing done. I still recommend Yuban for excellent store-bought coffee.]

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