Thursday, May 01, 2008

Poll: Only 2.9% of Americans Are LGB

Advocate story here.

Hunter College released the results of a groundbreaking poll Wednesday that found only 2.9% of Americans older than 18 identify as LGB, lower than the 4%–5% often cited in voter exit polls.

Professor Patrick Egan of New York University, one of the poll’s authors, explained that exit polls generally provide an over-representative sample of LGBs. “Exit polls are based on voters -- the people who show up at the polls. Gays and lesbians vote much more consistently than the general population,” Egan said.

The survey also found that LGBs are more politically active than their straight counterparts (partly due to a sensibility developed during the coming-out process), women and men vary in terms of the way they categorize themselves on the LGB continuum, and different generations of LGBs have separate priorities for the movement. The poll's authors said it provides the most comprehensive and truly representative picture of the lesbian, gay, and bisexual population to date because it was specifically designed for the LGB population. Transgender individuals were not included because to date their numbers are too few to provide a statistically accurate representation. . . .

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