Saturday, May 31, 2008

More on Scott McClellan

I always find it remarkable how these guys can stand up and shamelessly lie (or "stay on message") throughout their press conferences. (I guess they earn their pay.) Dana Perino is good, too. I'm glad to see that McClellan's sense of right and wrong finally overcame his sense of loyalty to George Bush and his disastrous policies.

If I may quote the Lord in Goethe's Faust, "Ein guter Mensch, in seinem dunklen Drange / Ist sich des rechten Weges wohl bewuƟt." ("A good man, in his dark yearning / has still an instinct of the one true way." Crappy translation but I hope you get the drift. Here's another, from Walter Kaufmann: "A good man in his darkling aspiration / Remembers the right road throughout his quest.") (You can tell I'm up too late when I start quoting German literature, which was my major language in my comparative literature major.)

The point is, I consider Scott McClellan a good "mensch" for finally coming out with his revelations (as if we didn't know the truth already). People go through life and sometimes compromise their morals for ideology and/or pelf or whatever reason, but in the end, in accordance with their sense of morality, they do the right thing, which is what I think Scott McClellan is trying to do--to wash his hands of the dirtiness and immorality of the Bush administration according to the dictates of his own conscience, and perhaps save his soul.

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