Thursday, May 08, 2008


In this campaign, I've thought Hillary addressed issues better. Health care, for instance. I lived in Germany for a year and saw how well a universal health care system worked. It appeared everybody was happy with it. As a Rotary Club exchange student, I happened to lived with rich people. I never heard one complaint from them about their health care system. On the contrary, I got the impression they were proud that anyone in Germany--including themselves--could go to the doctor if they needed to go and get treatment without any hassles. And whatever the system cost, the rich people continued to remain rich.

While I would definitely support Obama against McCain in the general election, I still think Obama's ideas are somewhat half-baked and that Hillary would be a better fighter against the insurance and drug companies in her endeavors to provide the U.S. with a much-needed universal health care system.

Obama's high-flying rhetoric and inadequate solutions regarding the pressing issues don't impress me much. As Goethe said in Faust, "in the beginning was the deed" (not "the word"). (Emphasis added.) We need a president who can stand up against the special interests and get important things done.

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