Monday, November 05, 2007

Monday Night

(Wow. That was harsh stuff [below]. But that's exactly what I think. I find certain people in the media despicable for handing us George Bush on a silver platter. On a somewhat related note, please see this piece ("Poppy's Pain") by Digby.)

I took the day off today so that B. and I could go shopping together for a new, king-size bed. We've outgrown the queen.

We drove all over creation (it seemed--I'm not much of a driver these days) and visited three enormous furniture stores. We didn't see much that we liked, however. I must say that El Dorado--we'd never been there before--is quite a place. It's like a little Magic Kingdom in there, complete with a large snack bar (not just a coffee bar). I think they have around 15 showrooms. They assign you a "guide" when you enter to help you focus your search. I was impressed. Unfortunately they didn't have anything we liked.

We ended up ordering a headboard and footboard tonight online, from (check it out--they're having a sale that ends tomorrow, with free shipping that turns out to be $10). I've never bought anything from them before, so we'll see how that goes. The furniture is iron, and the website gives the manufacturer its highest ratings for quality of construction and packaging. Actually, Carl's had the very same furniture we now have and we could have bought the king-size head and foot boards there, but we decided we wanted to do something a little different. Now we just have to buy the mattress set. We've agreed that I'll go out and get that this weekend. Then we'll donate the old bed to the Salvation Army.

We'll have to do a little rearranging in the bedroom, but that'll be fun, too.

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