Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sorry No Posting; Been Busy

I thought my car problem had gone away when yesterday, after I got home from work, B. and I piled into the truck on our way to Bed Bath & Beyond and it wouldn't start. AAA has already made three emergency visits over the past few months, once to replace the battery. (You're allowed only four visits a year, which is reasonable.) I haven't used the service much but it's definitely worth it. Two of the AAA guys had said there might be a problem with the fuel line or pump or whatever, but I thought I'd proved them wrong.

Today, after I got home from work, B. and I piled into the truck and it started. (The way cars behave or misbehave always mystifies me, since I'm mechanically disinclined.) I had to stop for gas on the way and decided to go to a station across the street from BB&B. (Just in case the truck wouldn't start back up again, we could still do our shopping.) I drove to a pump directly in front of the store where there were several parking spaces, in case the truck had to be pushed into a spot and left there till I could arrange to have it towed (or it started back up on a different day). The truck started back up again, however. It also started up again after we'd done our shopping. Nevertheless, I've decided to schedule a check-up at the dealership, since I don't know of any reputable repairpeople anymore. It hasn't had any professional attention in a while--not since I had to replace the radiator, etc. (at the dealer).

We got some great pillows for the new bed, using two 20%-off coupons, which we get in the mail constantly. (I rarely shop there without one since the prices are so high.) We ended up getting two king-size down pillows--here's the gay part--with 700 fill power Siberian white goosedown and an 800 thread count, single ply 55% silk/45% cotton woven stripe cover. (It also has a 1 inch side gusset, whatever that is.) It's medium support and has a lifetime warranty. Feels really nice. I figure if we can't sleep well on those, we can't sleep well on anything.

The guy at Mattress Giant had tried to sell me a $99 king-size pillow (and it was comfortable but I wasn't shopping for pillows then). The pillows we bought tonight came out to a little over $100 apiece with the coupons, so I think they were worth it for what you get. We had down pillows when I was growing up (from the days before synthetic fibers or foam had been invented--I won't say in the days, since I remember we had some Dacron pillows, too, which were great but eventually lumped up). The down pillows were comfy and lasted forever. (I wonder whatever happened to them.)

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