Thursday, November 15, 2007


No nap again today. I came home and assembled the new king bed (sitting next to the old queen, which will be removed tomorrow--a friend of B.'s is taking the whole thing). (In the photo, the queen looks tiny next to the king, but it's just the perspective.)

When I got home, I found out that the mattress set is due to arrive tomorrow between 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. (thus I had to assemble the bed tonight). (And I'd thought I might be able to sleep in and assemble the bed tomorrow.) At any rate, I'm glad it's done. It took me almost two hours. And at least I won't have to take a shower and get all dressed up before the guys get here with the mattress etc.

B. had to inspect the bed upon delivery this afternoon, to make sure it hadn't been damaged in shipment. (It hadn't.) While the delivery people were still in the apartment, he called me up and said he didn't like the bed and didn't want to accept it--he said the welds looked bad. To make a long story short, the welds are antiqued (it's an "antique pewter" finish) like every other feature, and thus they are more prominent than they otherwise would be. They don't bother me. It's good the bed is welded together the way it is (at every point where the railings join). It's very sturdy, and the assembly went without a hitch. All the parts went together perfectly. I think the antiqued welds add character. So my first-time experience with was excellent. I would definitely buy from them again. Also, the bed frame is very heavy and solid--and went together with no tools.

Now I guess we have to redecorate a bit around the new bed. I already took some stuff off the wall.

P.S. I think it should be noted that B. agreed on the choice of this bed in the first place. We looked at a lot of beds and both liked this one.

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