Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wednesday Night

I've been busy on the weekends and not had a lot of time to write on this. Going back to doing some more productive things with my time. Sorry, reader!!

This week I'm taking a break from the gym. Since I didn't really take a vacation this year, I'm taking a week's vacation from the gym (not that I go all that often). Feels great so far. Instead of doing that tonight, I went out and bought a new VCR/DVD recorder/player since our VCR broke on Sunday. It's quite a fancy piece of machinery. I got it at Target (5 minutes from here) $20 off the usual $299 price. It does everything we need it to do and more. I skipped my nap in order to get the thing set up to record Lisa Williams (the clairvoyant) at 9:00, and the show wasn't even on tonight. Oh well.

Tomorrow the new bed arrives and Friday the mattress set. (B. will take delivery of the bed tomorrow, and I'm taking Friday off to put the bed together [provided it arrives in good shape] and be here when the mattress and box springs arrive.) Last Saturday, I found a luxurious mattress ("Elizabeth Eurotop") at Mattress Giant (5 minutes from here, in the other direction) on sale. It's made in England (an Airsprung, since 1870-something). The salesman said that Queen Elizabeth and Elton John sleep on this mattress (wow, two queens!). I don't know about that, but I think it will do better than suffice. It's a Eurotop, too, which is supposed to be better than a pillow top (it looks a lot better too). I had already found the mattress after doing a lot of research online. The salesman said I'd made the right choice--he had only good things to say about the mattress.

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