Friday, November 30, 2007


...even though I have to go in to work tomorrow (I'm "on call"). It's been a busy week. I really don't mind so much working on the weekends, since there's hardly anyone there and I can dress casual. I think I'll wear my cap.

Today was the last day for one of our co-workers (I'll call her Lola). She'd worked in our department until relatively recently and then moved to Atlanta and couldn't find a job. Apparently people are moving to Atlanta in droves and the job market is hard to break into. So she's been working back in Miami on contract with us for the past couple of months and on Sunday will be flying to Texas for two weeks in preparation for going off to work in Iraq! She has a relative who works there (in the Green Zone) and he got her the job (provided she passes psychological and physical tests, which I don't doubt she'll pass). She'll have a one-year contract, have her room and board provided, and earn $130,000 ($85,000 of which will be non-taxable). If I were Lola, I'd probably do it too. Hopefully she'll eventually find a job in Atlanta. (I think she's getting some help on that too.) She'll fly back to the States periodically during the year and we'll get to see her. We told her to buy us expensive presents since she can afford it.

To celebrate Lola's last day with us, we all got take-out from Flanigan's and bought Lola lunch. (Someone had to drive to Flanigan's in the Grove area to pick it up.) I had the New York Strip. It was delicious, as always. (BTW, there's a Flanigan's across Arch Creek from here, about half a block away.)

Tomorrow night is the office holiday party. I'm sorry but I would never go to an office party. Give me a couple of drinks and who knows what I'd say. (If I were straight, it would be different.)

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