Friday, November 16, 2007


Took a nap (finally) on the comfy new bed and then went out shopping. Someone said to go to Walgreen's for the cat stairs and, sure enough, they had them, for $10, and I bought them. Nonetheless I thought they might look a little chintzy once assembled, so I stopped by PetSmart to see their selection and they had the same item for $24. (They also had a more elaborate, heavier one for $50-something, which I couldn't see getting.) I decided to keep the one I'd bought and see how it looked assembled. It's made of hard plastic that easily snaps together and comes with a plush cover. I think it looks fine.

I showed it to the cats, so they know it's there. Let's see if they use it when they feel inclined to jump up on the bed (which they weren't feeling tonight--they ran off).

I'm tired from running around today. I went to ten stores (two Walgreen's, two Rosses, Anna's Linens, PetSmart, Publix, ABC Liquors, Target, and the local convenience store) and two restaurants (had a roast beef sandwich at Arby's and two Mexican pizzas at Taco Bell). Obviously, the truck is working again. Battery is fine and no other problems at this time. Plus I visited numerous websites and viewed hundreds of pages. I definitely got a lot done today. I think we'll end up getting the starburst/sunburst mirror online.

P.S. Tonight I recorded Lisa Williams and Psychic Challenge and we watched them when B. got off work. I had been mistaken that these programs aired on Wednesday (the day I got the new VCR/DVD recorder). (I think Lisa Williams is supposed to air on Wednesday late at night.) Anyway, we got to watch our programs tonight. They were good.

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