Sunday, December 16, 2007

Desperate Housewives "On Hiatus"

Bummer. Until the writers' strike is over. According to this recent interview (found on Towle Road) with actor Shawn Pyfrom, who plays Bree's gay son, Andrew, on the show (Pyfrom is not gay). He just turned 21 and is quite articulate, having been home-schooled while working in Hollywood (he's originally from Tampa). From the interview:

You are very wise for your age! Do you know when the show will be back on?

I don't. At least as long as the strike is going on. We shot one last show after the tornado episode, but that's it. I wish the studios would just cave already. They make so much money. I understand that they are a corporation, that they are a money making machine; that's what they do. At the same time you have to be fair. How are you going to have a success on your hands if you have disgruntled employees? Maybe you will have more hits if you have happier writers and your company will make more money anyway.

It's sad for people who want to work and sad for viewers who are tired of nighttime game shows.

That's true. It's also sad for the workers like grips, make-up people, and lighting people, as well as the writers. Sometimes I have to wait 2 or 3 hours before a shoot, and then I think, 'Wait a minute. These people have been here since 5 in the morning and come in 5 days this week, and I only have to come in two.' And they won't be able to leave until late. It takes a group effort to make a show a hit and they barely get recognition for it. Sometimes they sleep in their cars because they have a 6 hour turnaround.

Are you afraid of being stereotyped with the character of Andrew?

I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little worried, but honestly I think we are at a point now with television and movies where people can watch something and not stereotype the actor playing that character. I think if I had played a gay character 10 years ago then I would probably have something to worry about. I think people are a little bit more open-minded now.

I think that the only time people stereotype is when the actor acts out in public. They go around parading things out to the media and then that is all people see when they are watching them on the screen. That's one reason that I don't do that. It's not like there's this huge interest in what I am doing in the public right now which is okay with me. I want people to forget that they are watching me and are seeing a real person. I'm glad that I can still go out to eat and not have to worry about photographers taking pictures of what I just ate. . . .

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