Saturday, December 29, 2007

"For those wondering why Comcast is so expensive"

Post from Chris at Americablog, who is an ex-pat living and working in France (his wife is 1/2 French and 1/2 American). This from the article he links to:

The new agreement gives Roberts' beneficiaries his 2007 salary for five years after his death. It also gives the beneficiaries his annual performance-based cash bonus, whatever has accrued but not yet paid out, after his death.

So Roberts is dead but he's still getting a performance-based bonus. (I know, it's accrued.) Comcast has no competition in Miami, unless you want to get a satellite dish. We had Dish Network for a year but discontinued it on account of the bad reception during storms. (Maybe it was a little cheaper than Comcast, but not much.) As Chris has written before, in France you get cable, Internet and cell phone service for less than what Comcast charges for cable alone. We're all so brainwashed here into thinking we've got it so good, and into voting contrary to our own self-interest (not moi!).

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