Monday, December 24, 2007

Sunday Night

Boy was B. in rare form tonight after getting off work. I think the holidays are getting to him (I can certainly sympathize). His family puts a lot of pressure on him. My family has dispersed, however, and I'm rather relieved about it. I send them presents from afar. I'm no fan of the holidays anyway. Kind of bah-humbug about it. But I do my best to fake it. (I'm so glad when they're over.)

The truck acted up again today, so it's definitely going to the shop now. I now know where to take it since the nearby dealership, where I took it before, closed. It's not that far out of the way (but not directly on a bus line). Tonight I drove the truck to the nearest Publix to buy a load of groceries. (There's also a slightly farther, newer and nicer Publix, but something told me not to go there tonight--actually, something didn't tell me; I've been worried about the truck acting up.) Sure enough, after I'd done my shopping, the truck wouldn't start. So I called a cab to get back home with the groceries. (It's only five minutes away and the cab cost $4.50, plus tip.) (I would have walked home but I had way too many groceries.)

The cab driver was very nice and we talked about the problem with the truck. He said it could be a fuel filter or the fuel pump or whatever. Sounds about right. I was thinking also the fuel line. I rarely use the truck and it hasn't been serviced in years. I can still get one free towing this year through AAA. (But, as the cab driver remarked, it will be difficult to get this fixed over the holidays. Not a problem. It can wait.) (I'll walk over to the Publix tomorrow and the truck will probably start back up--that's its nature.)

Tonight at the store I bought a frozen turkey breast to have around for the holidays (plus bread to make sandwiches) and also stuff to make the traditional green bean casserole and garlic parsley potatoes (the Flanigan's recipe which I'm still trying to recreate). I made the casserole tonight and it tasted really good. It's not something I would normally make, but I thought what the hell. It's easy. I even used canned green beans. (What the hell.)

Today for lunch I made some marinated steaks, fresh steamed asparagus and left-overs from a yellow squash dish I'd made for the departmental luncheon at work. B. loved it. (The squash dish I made with cheddar cheese, butter and onions--yum.)

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