Sunday, December 16, 2007

Eriposte on Clinton (Again)

From the Left Coaster ("The Campaign Debate on Qualifications and Experience"):

Sen. Clinton, who was part of a White House for 8 years (not to mention her years as First Lady of Arkansas) has faced almost unprecedented levels of individual scrutiny. She emerged unscathed and stronger from one of the most expensive, intrusive, and out-of-control investigations of a President's and First Lady's personal and political life in American history - an investigation conducted by an unchecked, unbalanced, ultra-right-wing, panty-sniffing, Independent Prosecutor (Kenneth Starr) who was the darling of the right-wing and the mainstream media (including the New York Times and the Washington Post). She has faced the prospect of individual blame much more than any Democrat currently running for President. Partly due to her domestic and foreign policy experience in the White House (not to mention her Senate experience), she has a greater depth and breadth of policy knowledge than the other Democrats running for President. Likewise, she also unmistakeably understands what it takes for a President to be successful in getting legislation through Congress and what it takes to run the government successfully. In short, she will beat her competition by a mile on the topic of Presidential experience - which is a combination of many of the above attributes. . . .

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