Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ebersberg, Germany

Here is where I attended the Goethe Institute.

There is no longer a Goethe Institute in Ebersberg, but I think it used to be located in the building at the left, which is now a hotel (Hotel Klostersee). (Which would make sense.) There weren't enough rooms at the school to accommodate all the students, so some of the students were housed in rooms in private residences near the school. I and two or more (I can't recall) students lived in Frau Mösslacher's house, which sat across the lake from the school. So you had to walk around the lake to get to school. (There were beautiful swans in the lake.) Eventually the lake froze and you could walk (or skate) across it, if you were careful.

(Frau Mösslacher charged quite a bit to take a bath--she was in control of the wall-mounted hot water heater for the bathtub--and you didn't bathe every day. The weather was cold anyway. You could freshen up at the sink, however.)

We drank a lot of beer at night in town (most meals were provided at the school). (I think the dining room was closed on the weekends, so we had to eat in town.) I remember we used to drink at a place called the Schlossbrauerei (Castle Brewery), which had a long latrine in the men's room instead of urinals. (Basically you peed on a wall.) It was so cold in the men's room that you created steam (if you get my drift). (What an stench, as I recall.)

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